Don't Let a Work-Related Injury Wreck Your Finances

Hire a workers' compensation attorney in Central Tennessee & Central Florida!

You didn't expect to get injured at work, but now you've missed a few shifts and the medical bills are starting to pile up. Instead of stressing about how to cover the costs, ask a workers' compensation lawyer at Bordulis Law for advice. We'll fight to get the compensation you need to cover your lost wages, medical expenses and emotional distress.

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Are you covered by workers' compensation?

After getting hurt on the job, you're now facing expensive medical bills. But you can take advantage of workers' comp benefits, right? Maybe, or maybe not. The knowledgeable team at Bordulis Law can help you determine if you're eligible for workers' comp in Central Tennessee or Central Florida.

To qualify, you need to:

  • Be an employee
  • Work for a company with workers' comp insurance
  • Have been injured on the job
  • Meet the deadlines for reporting an injury and filing a claim


In addition, there are job-specific rules for workers' comp eligibility. Call us now to find out more.